The Gospel of Caesar

A film by Jan van Friesland VARA public Broadcast

Dutch Public Broadcast VARA-TELEVISION and the Dutch filmmaker Jan van Friesland discover in the documentary THE GOSPEL OF CAESAR, the origin of Christianity.

For more than four years the documentary maker followed two investigators in their combined quest to the historic Christ, on several locations in Europe.

Following the tracks of two investigators on their quest for the historical Jesus this enthralling documentary about the life, death and apotheosis of ‘the greatest of mortals’ unravels the hidden origin of Christianity.

Francesco Carotta, an Italian linguist, philosopher and engineer, discovered that the story of Jesus Christ is based on the life of Caesar.

Carotta: ‘Everything in the story of Jesus can be found in the biography of Caesar.  The Gospel appears to be the history of the Roman Civil War, a ‘mis-telling’ of the life of Caesar – from the Rubicon to his assassination – mutated into the narrative of Jesus, from the Jordan to his crucifixion. Jesus is a true historical figure, he lived as Gaius Julius Caesar, and resurrected as Divus Julius, later transformed into Jesus.’

Inspired by Carotta’s discovery, Pedro García González, a Spanish priest, joined the further investigation of Roman traces of the passion in the Semana Santa, the Holy Week, and compared it with the reconstruction of the funeral of Caesar, according to the ancient sources. This lead to fragments of an earlier passion about the betrayal, death and ‘crucifixion’ of Caesar.

García González: ‘The death and deification of Caesar is the essence and origin of Christianity, which happened on the Forum Romanum in Rome.’

Scholars speak of a paradigm shift with respect to the history of Christianity:

‘For me it was a shock. This is a shift of paradigm in the history of religion.’
Fotis A. Kavoukopoulos, Ph. D.

‘The author draws parallels between the founder of religion Jesus and Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor, whose name was given to all succeeding emperors.’
Erika Simon, Ph.D.

This report is of the same order of importance as the scientific discoveries of Darwin and Galileo... Carotta’s discovery will turn the entire history of civilization upside down.’
Paul Cliteur, Ph.D.

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