Pedro García González, Francesco Carotta and Jan van Friesland

The Gospel of Caesar

Discovering the Historical Christ
Short synopsis

The Gospel of Caesar documents the revolutionary and fascinating research of the Italian linguist Francesco Carotta, who concluded after a decade-long investigation that the Gospel narrative of the New Testament completely originated from the ancient sources on the life of Julius Caesar.

Intrigued by the discovery that Caesar could be the historical Christ, the Spanish priest Pedro García González joins him on his journey all across Europe to search for traces of the deified Caesar in old Christian rituals and traditions, written sources, church art and archaeological finds. Along the way they meet other priests and scientists. They encounter skepticism and enthusiasm, criticism and approval, but every step of the way takes them further toward the obscure origins of early Christianity.
To verify the theory they reconstruct the pivotal funeral ceremony of Caesar, which could have been the historical incident behind the later story of the crucifixion of Christ. They resuscitate this ancient historical event with young people from the priest’s parish and reveal the image of the first Savior on the Cross, who had been forgotten for almost 2000 years.
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